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Hidden Image Prompts

Most images on have been generated using MidJourney. We hid the prompt that generated the image in the ALT tag of the <img> tag. Hover over any image you like, right-click and inspect element. Look for "alt=" and the /imagine prompt is right there!

book editor in the 1970s reading a book, sitting at his desk, piles og books around him, hemingway, photography, very realistic, documentory style, by Jimmy Nelson --ar 16:9

Cheatsheet: Writing Style Traits

This is a cheatsheet on crafting better chatGPT prompts for writing to match the style you need the output to be.


  • Friendly / Assertive
  • Humble / Passionate
  • Respectful / Playful
  • Encouraging / Critical
  • Optimistic / Pessimistic
  • Supportive / Detrimental


  • Formal / Informal
  • Professional / Casual
  • Comfortable / Formalized


  • Conversational / Serious
  • Approachable / Unemotional
  • Serious / Lighthearted
  • Sincere / Sarcastic
  • Comedic / Sober
  • Funny / Witty
  • Inspirational / Mundane
  • Whimsical / Practical
  • Flowery / Concise

Communication Style

  • Direct / Indirect
  • Persuasive / Neutral
  • Adaptable / Rigid
  • Engaging / Detached
  • Empathetic / Aloof
  • Confident / Reserved
  • Understanding / Unyielding
  • Consistent / Spontaneous
  • Respectful / Challenging
  • Inquisitive / Skeptical

Examples of Grouping Style Traits:

  1. Formal, Friendly, Professional:
    “Allow me to kindly provide some valuable information on this topic.”
  2. Informal, Assertive, Casual:
    “Hey, trust me, I’ve got a good handle on this topic.”
  3. Conversational, Serious, Approachable:
    “Let’s dive into this important issue together, shall we?”
  4. Lighthearted, Humble, Persuasive:
    “Believe it or not, even someone like me can make a compelling point.”
  5. Sincere, Direct, Unemotional:
    “I genuinely believe this is the best course of action.”

Feel free to experiment with combining descriptors for voice and style, but I recommend not using more than three to maintain clarity and nuance in your writing.

Remember, these examples demonstrate how combining different writing style traits can shape the tone and register of your message. Be mindful of your audience and the context in which you communicate to use the most appropriate combination of traits.

You can also build your own style guide! Check out our Prompts – Writing Style Analyzer.

I also did a quick experiment, comparing some of these styles to write the same passage multiple times. The results were very interesting. You can find the results HERE.

If you need more information on Ai writing Styles and tone, check out our article Create your Own Writing Style for AI.

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