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Hidden Image Prompts

Most images on have been generated using MidJourney. We hid the prompt that generated the image in the ALT tag of the <img> tag. Hover over any image you like, right-click and inspect element. Look for "alt=" and the /imagine prompt is right there!

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small team of young and attractive scientists happy and smiling standing around a table with a huge pile of sci-fi technology devices on it, asking each other questions. scene is set in a 1970s office space, daylight, by William Eggleston --ar 4:3
historical fantasy sci-fi, art deco , close up of mad scientist analyzing data,, strange machines, art deco style drawn by Michael Whelan --ar 16:9 -

Prompts: Writing Style analyzer

To use the writing style analyzer, you will need to first gather some text examples you want to get analyzed. Once you have a few samples that you edited, clean up and are to your liking in terms of representing how you like to write, let’s get started. Step 1 This prompt allows you to give the AI Model some sample text to read and review and then craft a style guide from it. Step 2…
female writer in the 1970s seeking inspiration, sitting at her desk, amanda sage, photography, very realistic, documentory style, by Jimmy Nelson --ar 16:9

Create your AI Writing Style: Your Ultimate Guide to Tweaking the chatGPT Writing Style.

Alright, time to put on our work gloves and dive headfirst into how to tweak the available chatGPT writing style to use your personalized writing personality. Writing with AI: Voice, Tone, and Style Let’s face it, getting a chatty AI to spit out responses in a voice, tone, and style that matches your own personal or brand vibe can be as challenging as getting a cat to participate in…
Unleashing the Potential of AI for small business owner. The surroundings should reflect elements of their business, such as products, paperwork, and tools. cozy atmosphere and lighting, Sigma lens at f1.2 --ar 16:9

What is ChatGPT: A Three-Step Guide for Small Business Owners

The Advent of ChatGPT Imagine a technology so powerful that it amasses 1 million users in just four days and 100 million in two months. This isn’t a hypothetical scenario. It’s the story of OpenAI’s flagship product, ChatGPT. This AI tool has the potential to revolutionize industries, domains, and contexts. But to harness its power, we need to adopt a new approach:…
2 kids, one teenager, an adult and an elderly person standing side by side holding hands::2. digital landscape::1 illustration in the style of Atey Ghailan and Mary Blair --ar 16:9

Explain ChatGPT and Generative AI to all ages

What is chatGPT to an 8-year-old? Generative AI is like having an imaginary friend that can draw and write stories! Imagine having a computer brain that can make up things without being taught exactly what to make. Your imagination prompts the AI by telling it things like “Draw me a purple dinosaur eating pizza”. Even though the AI has never seen a purple dinosaur before, it…
film still , action scene, attractive woman in front of futuristic transulscent complex control panel with a lot of data, using her hands to adjust parameters on the touch screen, smooth curves, wide shot, in the style of futuristic laboratory, daz3d, Phenomenalism style, commercial photography, Incredibly spectacular, Futurism, Science fiction, dramatic colors, realistic professional color grading, vray tracing, Biomimicry, Cybernetic Organism, struggle and realism, photos that feel real, unfiltered and raw, high resolution --ar 16:9 --q 5 --style raw

AI revolution: ChatGPT Impact on Small Business

How will chatGPT impact, alongside other artificial intelligence technologies, your Small business. ChatGPT and other AI models capable of communicating, writing and even refining text in multiple languages, is expanding the horizons of technology use to an unprecedentedly diverse population. Such a profound change can unleash a torrent of uncertainty. The ability to generate text and code…
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